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West Coast Wood Products has been manufacturing engineered wood stiles for nearly 10 years. We highly recommend the use of laminated wood stiles in custom wood door construction. By using our engineered stiles you will be able to build doors that stay true and straight. Custom wood doors built using our stiles are not as prone as solid wood to changes in atmospheric conditions. Your customers will not experience problems with loose or sticky doors as the seasons change. Doors made with engineered wood stiles are also stronger than their solid wood stile counterparts. Laminated wood stiles are inherently more attractive because the faces are hand selected for beauty during the manufacturing process. Lastly, by using our laminated wood stiles your shop will be more efficient because the stiles can go straight to the shaper. You will save time and money by not having to rip, joint, plane, sort, and sand your stiles.

Engineered wood stiles are both beautiful and structurally sound. Our engineered door stiles are manufactured utilizing the finest laminated veneer lumber core. This type of LVL core is extremely stable and is the foundation for all of the door stiles we produce. From only the highest quality hardwood lumber, all face ply's and edge boards are hand selected and milled in house. Once these parts are milled, the hardwood edge boards and face ply's are then laminated to the veneer core.